FoamingBeakerCartoon.jpgWelcome to The Lab


You are a mad scientist working in your Lab. You are busy trying out a range of experiments to try and understand changing states of matter. You will participate in a range of strange and dangerous experiments with your fellow mad scientists while you investigate this topic. Your research will enable you to create your own experiment to be presented at the world renowned Wellsford School Science Fair, held at the end of the term.
One of your focuses will be on correct scientific experimental procedure. You will need to make sure you have completed the correct information for each procedure for your records.
Each group member will have a role. These roles have different responsibilities and will change weekly so everyone has a turn at each one, however everyone is expected to assist with completing the work. Here are the jobs:
Head Scientist- You will have overall control of the experiment. This does not mean you are the only one allowed to do the experiment but you are in charge of overseeing the experiment and directing the process.
Recorder- you are responsible to completing the experiment form. You will need to write and record all that happens.
Photographer- you are in charge of recording your experiment. You need to take detailed photos of the experiement. You may also want to take video of the results/process, although if you do this you will be responsible for editing and producing a useable video as these will be getting posted on your blogs and the class blog and will likely be used in displays for the day of the science fair.
Rule Checker- you are in charge of reading the instructions at each stage of the experiment so that your group gets it right. You will also need to read the instructions ahead of time to make sure there is nothing your group needs to do specially for that experiment.
You will all be responsible for collating your data, competing your paperwork and editing/using your photos accruately. You as a group will be responsible for posting the results of each experiment on each group members blog. Time in class will be allowed for this however this needs to be done in a timely manner.